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When we had the duct work replaced in the house, the contractor put in the Air Sponge frame and filter. It works heaps better than the Filtrete furnace filters we were using before. And I really appreciate the fact that I can get odor controlling pads to go with my filters as well (with three kids – one in diapers, and four pets – one a very old lady of a boxer, it can get
kind of stinky in here)

by: kiwione

The Air Sponge is just what they advertise, it is the best furnace filter around. It is so convenient to have them make a permanent very sturdy attractive filter frame and then provide you with a year supply of the highest quality filters.

by: chervi

Awesome products. Great innovation. Products really work.

by: robert kay

I have been very happy with these furnace filters. In fact, when I first started using them, I told my surgeon’s (my boss) accountant about them since the accountant is asthmatic also. The accountant told me he just ordered online with the information I gave him. He and his family live in a large home with two big a/c units. I am a nurse clinician, asthmatic with two big cats. I have always ordered through my a/c company, Lindstrom. I believe they are good and I also believe I could save a little money ordering direct from you. This is my first time to order from you online direct. Thank you for creating this product. Betsy I have done this questionnaire because I believe you deserve the positive feedback I just wanted to say “thank you” and this is a good time to do that.

by: honestyfirst8

I can’t find furnace filters nearby; if it weren’t for Air Sponge. I’d have to get a new furnace!

by: aeeonill

Their product is wonderful. With all of the illnesses we now have due to Katrina, our household has stayed well since putting in their A/C filters. It has made a huge difference with our allergies. My husband put our old (permanent) electro-static filter in last week because he was unable to find the Air Sponge filter. We have all come down with a sinus infection this week! Back on the meds we haven’t had to take since purchasing their product in February. I just re-
ordered to be sure not to run out. Thank you Air Sponge Filter Co.!

by: silverharlev03


by: rspringfla

I have been dealing with Air Sponge Filter Co., for over sixteen (16) years. I have referred many family members and neighbors to purchase their products. I will continue to do business with them for as long as I need to change my air conditioning filters. Thanks Air Sponge. And a special hello to Patti.

by: edewiz

Love the ac filters and being able to get exact fit sizes.

by: liftoff28

Air Sponge provides an excellent product and good service. My air processing units have an unusual furnace filter size requirement I have been unable to find in stores. This is no problem with Air Sponge, as they were able to construct frames for my air duct intakes, and provide me with refills for them as needed.

by: vic.mcfariand

This is the second time and the second house that I ordered for.  An excellent product!  If there is another house, then I will order again!  Thanks.

by: james adows

Superior service re: being able to answer technical questions re: their product lines. Also, the owner was clearly willing to spend extra time answering my questions fully – and was very knowledgeable about the products and their performance and air quality issues in general (I had several detailed questions, including some that had to do with air quality issues that her products did not address -she was clearly interested and responded to those as well), in other words, they mix superior product knowledge with superior customer service, this company rocks!

by: yarrow

We have used air sponge furnace filters for the past year and would not use any other.  We are greatly pleased with them.

by: odeana

Customer service was extremely fast and helpful in advising which item number filter I needed to reorder. I am very pleased and satisfied with this company and its products. The filters I ordered are wonderful and better than advertised!! The customer service is and reliable delivery on time, can’t ask for better that that!

by: jitern

We are just writing to tell you that we received the above order yesterday. My husband installed the two furnace filters in our units this morning. We are both amazed by the freshness the air has taken on since their installation. Literally, the air smells of the fresh outdoors!!!!
We are smokers and recently moved into a new home. Greatly diminishing smoke odors, dust and air borne pathogens that cause allergies was our main objective. Our air smells dramatically cleaner already and we’re willing to bet the dust and allergy causing problems will soon diminish!!
We are so sold on this filtration system already, that my Mom, a friend and my Mother-in-Law will be ordering as soon as we get their measurements.
We are highly recommending the Microsponge and Charcoal filter combination (even for non-smoking environments for the cleansing properties) to all of them and expect that they will find their health improve in a short while!!!
Your company is efficient, your response and delivery immediate and the product is awesome!!

Often times here in Florida the public forgets that air conditioned homes are very toxic.the air has to pass through a system that is often heavily contaminated, yet they opt for cheap furnace filters because the belief is that is all that’s needed. Although we open our windows in the mid-fall through winter, when the air is turned on, the health of the household has always suffered, including our animals, which attests to the contamination of air conditioning systems.
Kudos to a great company and an informative website where pertinent information and ease of ordering reign !!

Sincerely yours,
The Bells

Have used them for several years and they’re great.  No more going to Home Depot for the flimsy fiberglass ones.

by: danhitt

I was ordering refills for a furnace filter frame I bought several years ago. I moved to another unit in the same building and made sure I brought my Air Sponge Filter with me; I left one of those cardboard furnace filters.

by: cdbarb

Order furnace filters online!

Furnace Filter Reviews


Order furnace filters online!

Air Filters Review

“My allergies have improved and I feel my house is definitely cleaner with less dust. This is one of the best investments I have made.”

-Carol A.Setzer, FL

“We have been amazed at the amount of dust and contaminates the Air Sponge furnace filter has removed from the outside supply.”

-Charles Fisher, WA

“Now that I have furnace filters that are far superior to any of the ones I’ve ever seen, I’m truly grateful for having been given the opportunity to order it! “

– Jeffery H. Wegard, FL

“Easy to install & maintain. Filtering ability is superior over the “store bought” types.  The support frame is very sturdy and the exact size for my AC system. The service of e-mail furnace filter change reminders is a welcomed plus.”

-Peter Hulsart, Woodbury, Connecticut

This is a good company that has given us helpful, friendly customer service, so far.

– juneau2


Thank you for the reminder postcard. I appreciate the timely service and quality
products that you manufacture.

– ajp11720

I called to order a new AC filter frame to go with the furnace filters I was ordering. I was told the frame is warranted for life and to just put a note in the box provided on the online purchase site. Needless to say, I’m quite happy!

– ramosgang

“Thank you for reminding us that pride in one’s work and quality products are alive and well and can be found at The Air Sponge Filter Company in Coral Springs, Florida. “

– Bruce & Sandy Garrett, MO

  “Yours is the only furnace filter product that I recommend to others – and will continue to do so . “

-Neil Ticktin, CA

“I recommend the Air Sponge furnace Filter to all my patients. It is the most effective air filter I have ever used in removing airborne contaminants .”

-Herbert R.Slavin, M.D. The Institute of Advanced Medicine

“Astounding results almost immediately. The air is cleaner from dust. Our ability to breathe better was almost immediate. “

-Fred Neidermyer, TX

“An excellent product. The product works very well and is of excellent quality. “

-James A. Jackson, Missouri City,TX


Order furnace filters online!

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