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Air Filters Review

“My allergies have improved and I feel my house is definitely cleaner with less dust. This is one of the best investments I have made.”

-Carol A.Setzer, FL

“We have been amazed at the amount of dust and contaminates the Air Sponge furnace filter has removed from the outside supply.”

-Charles Fisher, WA

“Now that I have furnace filters that are far superior to any of the ones I’ve ever seen, I’m truly grateful for having been given the opportunity to order it! “

– Jeffery H. Wegard, FL

“Easy to install & maintain. Filtering ability is superior over the “store bought” types.  The support frame is very sturdy and the exact size for my AC system. The service of e-mail furnace filter change reminders is a welcomed plus.”

-Peter Hulsart, Woodbury, Connecticut

This is a good company that has given us helpful, friendly customer service, so far.

– juneau2


Thank you for the reminder postcard. I appreciate the timely service and quality
products that you manufacture.

– ajp11720

I called to order a new AC filter frame to go with the furnace filters I was ordering. I was told the frame is warranted for life and to just put a note in the box provided on the online purchase site. Needless to say, I’m quite happy!

– ramosgang

“Thank you for reminding us that pride in one’s work and quality products are alive and well and can be found at The Air Sponge Filter Company in Coral Springs, Florida. “

– Bruce & Sandy Garrett, MO

  “Yours is the only furnace filter product that I recommend to others – and will continue to do so . “

-Neil Ticktin, CA

“I recommend the Air Sponge furnace Filter to all my patients. It is the most effective air filter I have ever used in removing airborne contaminants .”

-Herbert R.Slavin, M.D. The Institute of Advanced Medicine

“Astounding results almost immediately. The air is cleaner from dust. Our ability to breathe better was almost immediate. “

-Fred Neidermyer, TX

“An excellent product. The product works very well and is of excellent quality. “

-James A. Jackson, Missouri City,TX


Order furnace filters online!